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About Our Towels

Beautiful to look at, luxe to touch, constructed to last and no animals harmed in the process.

It was an involved and lengthy development and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve created.


Here's a little background on our round towels....


Our inspiration often sparks from Ancient Cultures, particularly those known for their worship of the sun.  Typically we begin with a mood board of a variety of patterns, colours, designs, drawings, landscapes, symbols and more.

From there our incredible Artist, Alana Scott works on bringing the initial concepts to life. We'd been admiring Alana's work long before she agreed (OK we begged) her to work with us.  From here, Alana will typically come up with 10 – 15 drawings for discussion before honing in and refining "the one".

Our design process is never rushed, we don’t stop until we’re nothing less that over the moon with the final piece. This process can take anywhere from 2 weeks – 2 months. Lisa & Alana work incredibly closely together throughout this entire process.

Alana’s ability to hand draw, bold yet detailed designs with a feminine edge really is something else!  Our towel design is perhaps what we’re best known for and that makes us wiggle our butts with excitement. 



For close to 12 months our office (aka Lisa’s lounge and dining room) looked like a Chinese laundry, we had fabric swatches and towels from all continents. We touched, we felt, we destructed, we went to the beach and lay on the fabrics for hours and hours (because research of course) and we washed, washed, washed and washed.

There was one unlike no other and it’s one of the worlds oldest fibres, cotton… but not just any cotton. You see, all cotton is NOT created equal and the quality is influenced by many things including it’s growing conditions, the way it’s harvested, how it’s knitted and finally it’s printing and colouring process.

Our stand-out was two premium grade cottons combined and knitted together to create a plush yet absorbent towel, that's designed to last longer than you’ll ever need it too. In short... it’s the ducks nuts (not literally, we love ducks).


Weight & Size

Getting the weight of your towel right was no easy task. We wanted it to feel beautifully soft yet not take 8 years to dry, we found the perfect balance. Our towels weight approx. 1.1kg or 460gsm in technical speak. Our round towel is a large, 1.5 Metre (60 inches) diameter! 


Dye & Printing

Our towels are pieces of art and choosing the right type of printing and the dyes to be used in the process was another incredibly important aspect of our development.  We didn’t try and save costs, we got the best!  Printed with cutting edge, reactive printing technology, the print is crisp, striking & fade resistant.


Stitching & Tassels

We compared 15 types of tassels and stitching. Again, we found the best! Thick, dense, strong, quality tassels with double stitching. Both the tassels and stitching are made from 100% cotton.


A labour of love from beginning to end, we hope you love your towel as much as we loved creating it for you.


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